Research & innovation lead the way

Mobility, energy, water and building

are the issues which determine our quality of life and our prosperity.

Innovation & progress – for the good of all

Just like “Lifelong Learning” is essential for individuals, research & development (R&D) are essential for companies. Innovative companies are more stable in the long run. They are dynamic and active, social and intelligent. Companies can only survive if they offer something of value. However, as needs change constantly, the services offered by a company must also change constantly if they are to remain of value. Progress cannot be achieved without innovation. Yet every innovative development also contains a certain amount of risk. By working together alongside you we can calculate and minimise this risk.

The objective of tbw research is to bring together R&D activities in the mobility, energy, building and water industries and to optimise the implementation of research and funding projects. One of our key sources of expertise is our existing network of scientists who have many years of experience in the fields of energy, water, mobility, building and gender mainstreaming .

You have an idea – we address it

Applications for research projects

Our expertise and experience usually allow us to swiftly understand the core of a research subject. Project success is heavily dependent upon financing and, hence, on a highly promising application.

We ask the right questions in order to be able to implement the right answers in the form of successful project proposals
Bring your idea to us! We will help you with research and project management:

  • Support of the concept development
  • Setting up of the project team,
  • Identification of suitable programme elements for the financing of a research task,
  • Communication with sources of financial support,
  • Development and structuring of the R&D project (including the evaluation of the innovative and technological content and drawing up of timetables and cost plans),
  • Organisation and moderation of workshops and meetings,
  • Standardisation, completion and optimisation of application documents.

Since 2015 we have been successfully involved in the following programmes: Flagships of electromobility, Mobility of the future, FemTech, ERA-NET, Production of the future, JPI Urban Europe, etc.

Working together in project management

Up to 15 companies and 80 people work together on our research projects, often over periods of up to three years. People with a range of characters, personal backgrounds, expertise and experience work together in a development process. However, alongside common objectives there are often personal interests and higher-level corporate objectives which are not always consistent with each other. In such cases one must be able to listen, offer space and manage conflicts – and, on top of this, to professionally and expertly use the appropriate project management tools and instruments.

Project management and controlling

  • Support in drawing up project objectives and success criteria,
  • Detailed structuring of the project flow: milestones, timetable planning, capacity planning, cost planning and quality planning,
  • Ongoing documentation of the results,
  • Ongoing process controlling: shaping of an appropriate project culture.

In 2015 the project management of smileeinfach mobil was awarded the project management award – with consortium leadership from Wiener Stadtwerke, project management from tbw research and the involvement of a further 13 partner companies.

Energy & bio resources

R&D projects in the area of bio-refineries:

  • Development of new material and energy-related cascade systems (biorefinery concepts),
  • Development and optimisation of the necessary bio-refinery process technology,
  • Development of new organic-based products with market potential,
  • Support of business partners in the bringing to market of new technologies and products

New mobility solutions:

  • Development of innovative, sustainable mobility solutions,
  • R&D in the area of electromobility,
  • R&D in the area of passenger and goods mobility
  • Usability, business culture, surveys.

Our values are:

  • Fairness
  • Social Responsibility
  • Sustainability

Dynamic rather than stereotypical:

Gender in research and companies

What has the development of an electroscooter to do with gender?

tbw research has been working for many years on the integration of gender-related observation into (research) projects and companies. As soon as the subject of “gender” is raised, discussion soon turns to gender-specific language or quotas. Yet it is rarely possible to address this range of issues more deeply in other areas of research projects or at the corporate level.

In its projects, tbw research addresses the following and other questions as well as offering consultancy support in this area to other companies:

How can gender-sensitive research be brought down from its ‘ivory tower’ and integrated into the everyday activities of researchers?

How can we achieve a diversified team structure while taking into account the whole range of day-to-day realities – while getting beyond the simple counting of women and men?

What is the effect of gender-sensitive research on the results of that research?

Process solutions

Energy & bio-resources

The employees of our specialist “Energy & bio-resources“ department address the use of sustainable technologies for the production of energy and products.

An important focus of their activities is the development of bio-refineries, which combine both material and energy-based use processes in integrated process solutions.

These R&D activities are oriented towards new organic-based products and technologies and are developed in a process of interdisciplinary cooperation with partners from industry and business.

From the very start, the research and development work is focussed on the issue of future implementation with concrete clients.

In this respect, the technological support and accompaniment of innovative SMEs as they apply this R&D is of special importance.