Principle no.5

Principle no.5 – Quality

Quality as our prime goal at a price that is acceptable to all

The quality of the results is largely depending on the quality of definition before starting the procurement process. Long before the design of a construction project shall start, all the organisation processes have to be organised. Their result is the baseline for the project design. The owners/users must know exactly what to designed and build. That takes time and effort. Very often schedules and budgets do not respect that. Variations and expensive changes are the consequences. Quality decided and designed at an early project stage is usually not so expensive. 

Assessment criteria: 

Have all qualities of the project as required in operation been properly defined?

Have all project stakeholders been adequately involved in the early project phases?

Has the user organisation during operation been studied and fixed before design started?

Has the long-term quality-cost relation been observed in procurement?