Excellence & Awards

“Excellence in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Process Management” is the award granted every year by DVP and ICPMA to the most outstanding projects
with regard to :

  • IQ – innovation and quality in process and final product
  • Alliance – cooperation and mutual respect in CPM

The award for “IQ” will be awarded every year at the DVP Conferences.
The award for “Alliance” will be awarded every year at the ICPMA Annual Conference.

The members of the “Award Committee” are

Virginia Borkoski

2017-19 President of ICPMA

Norbert Preuss

Member of the Board of DVP

Claus Jürgen Diederichs

Founding president of ICPMA

Wilhelm Reismann

2013-15 President of ICPMA, Chair of Council on Principles

Louis Gunnigan

2011-13 President of ICPMA

Rainer Schofer

President of DVP

Arnd Wittchen

2015-17 President of ICPMA

Detlef Heck

Professor for CPM at TU Graz, ICPMA Austria

Selection Process for the Awards

Any project deemed to be eligible may be presented informally to one of the members of the Award Committee (“AwCo“).

In case of “Alliance” the selection base has to be observed. For the Award “IQ” there is no selection base.

The AwCo will list all projects nominated for the two awards. The deadline to nominate a project is two months before the Award Ceremony. The members of the AwCo will nominate projects from their side.

The nomination is informal The AwCo will react, have interviews and ask for more information, if required. It is part of “the better way” to avoid unnecessary formalities and paperwork.

The AwCo will carefully assess and rank all projects nominated and make their rating.

The AwCo will decide autonomously about selection and awards and inform all applicants. Any recourse to the courts is explicitly excluded.

All applicants agree with their nomination that the projects awardes will be published in the “Yearbook”.

One month before the Award Ceremony the information to the applicants about the final decision of the Award Committee will be given in written, i.e. by e-mail.

We invite key representatives of the winning projects to take part in Award Ceremonies. Please note the dates when submitting your nomination.

The awards will be handed over by

  • the President of ICPMA
  • the President of DVP and 
  • the Initiator of the better way

Award IQ

Innovation and quality in process and final product

  • Projects shall be of high innovation and quality in one or several of the following
  • echnological concept and design
  • materials, systems and equipment
  • methodology and process in design and implementation and/or production
  • function and use including sustainability
  • The term “process and final product” is of importance.
  • The Award Committee explicitly reserves the right to decide autonomously and without any external influence.
  • The criteria may seem vague and general. This is our intention and conviction. Innovation and quality are based on intellectual creativity rather than formal requirements.

Criteria for the Award IQ

The Award will be given to projects and their participants outstanding in innovation and quality in process and final product. The size and type of the project is irrelevant; all types and all sizes may take part.

The Award Committee will recognize both, innovation in the CPM process such as new, but well proven IT tools or management techniques, BIM processes or life cycle engineering and management tools and methodologies, as well as innovation and quality in the final product, such as outstanding technologies and construction techniques including design features successfully implemented in a project.

Both criteria shall distinguish and reward effort and risk taking in developing CPM and the construction industry.

Award Alliance

Cooperation and mutual respect in CPM

  • This award shall be granted to projects following the Seven Principles.
  • Alliance is understood as the way to communicate and cooperate with mutual respect and to pursue the project goals before the egoistic ones.
  • Alliance assumes that client as the final project responsible recognizes the human and financial necessities of all project participants and finds adequate ways to deal with that.
  • Alliance assumes that trust, confidence and fair behaviour of all project participants will lead to successful projects and reasonable long-term profit for all.
  • Alliance accepts that adequate, but strict measures be imposed against those few in the project, who will not follow, if the majority wants to follow “the better way”.

Criteria for the Award „Alliance“

The Award will be given to projects and their participants outstanding in cooperation and mutual respect in CPM.

The „Seven Principles“ will be the guideline for the assessment. The size and type of the project is irrelevant; all types and sizes may take part.

The selection base will be projects which have been presented during one of the ICPMA annual conferences or which are following „the better way“ guided by CoP, the ICPMA Council on Principles.

One or several members of the Award Committee will have interviews with key projects representatives and confirm the values and achievements of the project with respect to cooperation and mutual respect in CPM.

The Winner of 2016:
Toyota Motor Corporation‘s Research and Development Center and Test Track

Excellent Projects in our Yearbook

DVP und ICPMA have joined hands to promote the initiative “the better way” at the DVP autumn conference in Duesseldorf on 18 November 2014. The aim is to improve the construction process applying better principles of cooperation in CPM.

Every year the most successful projects will be presented

  • at the DVP Spring or Autumn Conference in Germany
  • at the ICPMA Annual Conference internationally

 The Yearbook presents all projects and their participants following “the better way”.

The edition Vienna May 2016 of the Yearbook was presented at the Enquete Planen.Bauen.Betreiben 4.0 – Arbeit.Wirtschaft.Export on 9th May 2016.

The second edition Doha May 2016 was introduced at the Annual Conference in Doha on 25th May 2016.

How to Apply?

For Yearbook and Awards – Send first an informal e-mail to arnd.wittchen@icpma.net or wilhelm.reismann@icpma.net and we will reply and provide further information within short delay.

It is our intention to be firm in principles, but not to be formalistic and overburden you with administration.

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